My name is Matt Garvin and I am the owner of Guns and Glory.

We are probably the only gun shop and religious book store combined that you will find. We believe we can provide the two most important things to protect you – “God and guns”. We do not run the shop like a big box store.

We have a welcoming atmosphere for any type of person, at any skill level. Whether you don’t like guns but want to look at the books, or you’re not sure about your faith and you want to look for your next firearm or related item, or if you just want to bring the kids in to see our collection of taxidermy animals – we feel that everyone can get something from our shop.

We are not a church nor preachers that stand on a pulpit and give a message, but we do love “God and guns,” and we would be glad to discuss either one or both of them with anybody that would like to come into the shop.

Guns & Glory, being a one of a kind shop, features guns lined down one wall and religious books on the other with a mixture of gun related items mixed in. We have a growing number of stocked items, and can order in whatever you want if we may not have it in stock.

We try to keep our prices well below retail costs. Having somewhat of a variety of regular store hours, feel free to call us ahead of time to make sure we will be there. We look forward to meeting you.

We feel that our 100 plus year old building in downtown Leroy has a great atmosphere and is a good stop for everyone to check out. Totally refurbished, we kept as much of the old character of the building and mixed in the needed updates and decor.

So, if you’re ever in need of a gun, a book, or if you ever just want to stop in and be nosy, please check us out…

Be safe & God bless……….

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